Welcome to KCSFA

Welcome to Kenya CyberSecurity and Forensics Association. We are a legally registered entity and approved by the Communication Authority.

Our main objective is to bring different professionals in cybersecurity and forensics together for a common agenda of addressing the challenges affecting those practicing in the profession.

Acknowledging that cybercrime continues to pose serious economic challenges to our country and that cyber security is now essential component in a country’s security its necessary to bring together the professionals in this field for a common goal of knowledge sharing

One of the motivation for this association is to have a local conversation for the challenges facing the country in terms of IT security and forensics. Most of the years we have been presented with global solutions which are good but unfortunately do not fit our local challenges.

If you are interested to become a member what are your motivations, what do you think are cybersecurity challenges that we face locally as a country, what do you think are opportunities which can improve the situation. Lets have the conversation. If you feel you can share your knowledge for free through this blog kindly send an email to info@kcsfa.co.ke and we will include you in our list of writers.