CyberSecurity Technical Training in Kenya

Kenya CyberSecurity & Forensics Association (KCSFA) is conducting a training to take place on 26th, 27th, 28th August 2019 at Best Western Meridian followed by a mini conference on 29th at American Space Bar along Moi Avenue, The Bazaar which will be the ceremony for awards of certificates and networking with other professionals.

The training is hands on and practical in nature. Summary: Free Virtual Lab, Ten CyberSecurity Tools, Free KCSFA membership upto Dec 2019, Ten Digital Forensics Tools. Target audience: ICT specialists, Network Admins, Systems Admins, Database Admins, Web Admins, CTO, CISO, Law Enforcement Officers, Lawyers in Technology, Students in Technology, CyberSecurity / Digital Forensics Specialists.


Laptop and passion to learn practically. Timelines: From 9 a.m to 5 p.m everyday. Register and we will respond with payment details. The training cost is Ksh 25,000. You can pay in two installment.

The students will also be registered in our online platform for a period of one month to interact with more testing environments (

Benefits of signing up for the training.

  1. Redeem part of the fee for association special membership for the remaining part of the year with a discounted renewal fee for 2020.
  2. The three days provides an extensive immersion into CyberSecurity as a career on hands on and practical model
  3. Provision of a virtual lab thats fully equipped with necessary and relevant tools to kick start your CyberSecurity career
  4. Access to mentors in the association to guide on how to grow the career and network
  5. One month of hands on exercise through our partners training centers through bootcamps. This is for those who require to interact more with the training environment.
  6. certificate of training thats recognizable by SME, Corporate and Government.
  7. We are part of a committee thats drafting a CyberSecurity diploma for the colleges in Kenya through TVET.
  8. Access to our monthly fireside chat in collaboration with Communications Authority for the remaining part of the year.
  9. Subsidized rates for our upcoming conferences which provide access to network opportunities.
  10. Subsidized rates for our upcoming benchmarking tour to USA and Estonia early next year (2020)
  11. Free one month VPS subscription in the cloud for attack simulations and exercise
  12. Free access to our online training platform at : for a period of month to further access the resources and training lab.

Registration Link:

Cost: Ksh 25,000 payable in two installments

This will lead to Certified CyberSecurity Professional.

CyberSecurity Technical Training in Kenya